Some Features Of Online Slots

Some Features Of Online Slots

Online slots come equipped with all types of bonus features. It can be anything from a classic 3-reel game, which you can easily make out from an antique type of game to a video slot with additional mechanics (state of the art). You have a wide selection of ways to play and win too. Here are some of the useful features, which you will witness in the universe of online casinos.

Free Spins

The free spins enable the users to give an additional fun level to their slot game without having to spend extra money. You will receive some spins in the game whenever you trigger the round of free spins. It can also be a round of special bonuses, which are added into your present spin at times. Also, whatever you win in the round of free spins, will automatically end up adding to your winning total regardless of your initial stake. You will also come across this when you play via idn slot. The idn slot can be found online.

Expanding Reels

Many people don’t know this, but a slot that comes with expanding reels tends to insert an entirely new reel or more. It enables you to increase your paylines whenever you choose to spin. The triggering of this change happens by the correct combo of its bonus symbols. It means that for that specified number or on this spin, you receive more chances to win big by matching those symbols.

Respins Galore

The Respins enable you to change your present game’s outcome by a small margin. Your reels will start settling whenever you do a spin in your slot, even leading to a win. Here, your reels may also start lining up, even if it’s not quite as you would expect. You can easily utilize your respin for spinning a single reel for your first bet once at a time. Here, your newer spin may drop these symbols wherever you want them, causing your first spin to win.

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Reel Modifiers

It consists of a bonus round, which is triggered either by a selection of the modifier symbols or a random event. They are responsible for changing the way that your reel works within the game. Here, for instance, it tends to send a specialized symbol for a round, which you can start lining up for a huge win. It may also announce that you will experience a guaranteed win. Also, it will possibly lead to a regular bonus spin at times, which you may have previously lacked before.


With Nudges, you have the chance to wiggle your reels a little bit. Maybe your present spin did not work out great for you; however, the nudge option allows you to kick your reels down or up a little. Here, you can typically hold some reels and proceed to shift the symbols on the others by 1-or-2 positions. You just need that little push at times to secure the win.

Turbo Spin

With turbo spins, your game will end up going faster. You can set the turbo spins to a specific number of spins. Once you set it, the game will end up doing all the work for you. It will spin the reels quicker than usual. You will receive the winnings without having to click the reels or change your bets at all.

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