Lucky Numbers in Chinese Gambling

Lucky Numbers in Chinese Gambling

Have you ever thought it strange how many Asian websites dedicated to gambling use numbers in their name? Though Asian sites like togel hongkong don’t do it often, major websites like 22Bet do.

Some of the major gambling sites are including Chinese lucky numbers in their names in hopes that it will bring them good luck and success.

In this article, we will be going over some of the most popular Chinese numbers, both lucky and unlucky, so that you know what to use (or not) the next time you’re looking for inspiration in your betting.

Chinese Lucky Numbers

In Chinese culture, a common theme that you’ll find is that pronunciation can make or break a number when it’s being categorized as lucky or not. Unlucky numbers will sound similar to words with a negative connotation.  Lucky numbers are pronounced similarly to words with a more positive one.

Number 2

The number two  is attributed to the meanings of ‘double’, ‘twinned’, and ‘again’. It is a popular belief in Chinese culture that, “all good things come in pairs”, which makes the number two favorable.

This strong belief in pairs has made it common to see brand names doubling up on certain characters, phrases, or numbers.

Gambling websites like 22Bet make use of a pair of number twos in its name. Additionally, decorations in China are traditionally set out in pairs,

Number 6

In Mandarin, the number 6 sounds like “slick” or “smooth”.  In Cantonese, the number 6 sounds like “good fortune” or “happiness”. The number 6 is considered good for business because of those similarities.

Number 8

The luckiest number in Chinese culture, eight is so popular because of its pronunciation which sounds similar to “wealth”, “fortune”, and “prosperity”.

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The more eights appear in a sequence. It is a familiar sight to see Chinese run gambling websites and other brand names have multiples of eight in their name. 

The number 8 is so widely loved in Chinese culture that they believe having eights in their license plates or telephone numbers will bring them prosperity and wealth.


Number 9

This number was used in matters relating to the Emperor. Officials were organized in a system with nine ranks. In this system, the Emperor bestowed nine rewards to his officials for their extraordinary loyalty.

On the other hand, the nine exterminations of families were the harshest punishments ever given out by the Emperor.

Unlucky Numbers

Number 4

In China, the number four is avoided in most public settings such as elevator buttons, ID numbers, phone numbers, license plates, and product names. The reasoning behind this is because its pronunciation sounds similar to the word that means “death”.

Number 5

The number 5 can be associated with both good luck or bad luck. In this case, it is considered bad luck because its pronunciation sounds similar to a word that means “without” in Chinese.

Number 7

Similar to the number five, seven can either bring good or bad luck depending on its context. Because its pronunciation sound similar to the word for “cheat”, businesses avoid using the number seven in their names, registration numbers.

Couples try not to be married on dates that the number seven in them, in hopes of having a lasting relationship.


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