Backgammon History

Backgammon History

After its creation in Mesopotamia, when backgammon was introduced in Europe, royalty and nobility played it. They played for entertainment only, but as time passed by, they started betting on the results of the game. A few years later, the game gain more and more acceptance and regular people started playing backgammon as well.

With the years, backgammon started to become more exclusive again, returning to its roots. Regular people still play backgammon, but they do it for fun and at their homes. Real players gamble and go to tournaments; they have handicaps and different skill levels. A novice would never play against an expert and vice versa.

People that play backgammon for money like the strategy implied in the game, the game is not just luck, you have to think a lot, and use your logic in every move. People that play backgammon are, generally, professionals with a higher degree, which work for their selves or in a big company. They like to spend big money, and they usually have very expensive backgammon sets, boards with ivory incrustations and chips and oak table and chairs to place the boards and accommodate the players.

Many places have regular backgammon tournaments and people can go and register to play. They usually have a fee or registration price, but most people can afford it, beside, prizes are great. There, you can go and have a drink or eat something besides playing backgammon. These places usually have very exclusive food, drinks and furniture, all in mind to please their guests. They have air conditioned in the summer and heat in the winter, it does not matter how hot or cold it is, you can play backgammon in every season.

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Meeting to play backgammon can be quite an experience, while you are playing the chat is not much, players, in general, like to play quietly so they can think their next move or the strategy to follow. Always remember to respect your opponent and treat him, as you want him to treat you. To this point, you should think “ok, but when can I chat?” The answer is between games, or at the bar, you can talk and meet very interesting people there, rich people, just like you!

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