Be a Winner in Online Bingo Tournaments

Be a Winner in Online Bingo Tournaments

First of all, bare in mind that participation in bingo tournaments is 100% free. That also means that there are no fees associated with playing or winning in our free tournament bingo games.

Each bingo player must have an account to participate in a tournament.

Along with a completed registration form, a username will be required for the account. Under no circumstance will winnings, credits or information be shared between any two accounts. Bingo players are responsible to ensure that their account contain up to date valid information. Accounts containing invalid information (of any kind) will be removed and any winnings from removed accounts are automatically forfeited.

Each valid bingo player account will receive the same amount of credits each day. The credits that have not been used at the end of the day (or at the end of the last game of the day) will be lost. Bingo tournament game times are based on the game server date/time, game servers are located in the EST time zone.

Below there are some of the things that might result in the termination of your account, loss of chat privileges and/or forfeiture of any winnings:

– Offensive language in chat to others users

– Using multiple windows or other methods to be in more than one Tournament Bingo room at a time.

– Harassment of the website, game, staff or other players.

– Spamming in chat. (The repetition of the same message or broadcasting of advertisements)

This site is not responsible for a loss of credits, verified or unverified winnings under any circumstances, human or computer error.

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If any kind of disagreement or dispute occurs between the teams playing in a tournament match, it will be settled by the Tournament Director designed.

ELIGIBILITY: This promotion is offered only electronically via the Internet and is open to all persons age 18 years and older. Bingo players must be fluent in English to be eligible to play and win. Void where prohibited.

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