The different Sports Bets

The different Sports Bets

The Sports Bets consist in guessing the result of the games in different sports. These bets offer big chances of increasing your income by betting towards, as an example, your soccer team, basketball, hockey, Big League’s baseball teams, car races, horse races and all kinds of sports.

You just have to register in a safe site that you trust and like, and then you can start settling your Sports Bets.

There are two kinds of Sports Bet: the American style and the British style. The differences are basically historical, legislative and social.

European Bet Houses are usually faithful to the British style. The market of Random Games and Betting is legal in Great Britain, which has been really beneficiary for the important Bet Houses. They set the percentages and benefits of the bets. The quotas don’t change during the week because of its high value.

Since in Spain the Chance Games, Casinos and Bets are a state Monopoly, the Bet Houses don’t exist. But Spanish betters can bet through the Internet in foreign Bet Houses.

In the United States bets have a big acceptance, even though they are not legal. Even “The New York Times” takes some pages to talk about the gambling business. That’s why the American Bet Houses don’t settle quotas, but then let the benefit margin flow, depending on the market’s demands. That implies a more liberal posture of the business.

If you are a beginner in the bet’s world and you’re confused because of the several kinds of bets, we’ll explain you the differences between them.

Simple Bets

It’s the easiest way to Bet because you only choose one event to guess about. This guess has to turn out right for you to win.

Combined Bets

The Combined Bet is considered a very attractive way of betting, because it has very good gainings. For this kind of bet you have to choose several bets and combine them in one. To win this bet you need to get right every result of every event you chose. The final quota is the result of the multiplication of the quotas of every bet.

Special Bets

The Special Bets vary according to the sport and consist in betting for special situations the game is going to have. For example: Will there be a goal scored with the head in the game? Will the same players score three or more goals? What minute is the first goal going to be scored?

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Position Bets

The Position Bets are two bets combined in one and are very common, specially in horse races. Our advice to decrease the losing risk is to bet that your favorite horse is going to finish among the first three horses.

P2P Bets

It’s a bet service that offers a Bet exchange instead of betting against the house, that means the bets are set by particulars. The betters can buy or sell sports results. To use this system, a commission of a small percentage of your gainings will be charged.

Long Term Bets

Bets that imply a long period of time, in which you can bet months before the event’s winner, such as the Formula 1 winner, the tour of France or Wimbledon.

System Bets

The System Bets allow you to make several guesses with a bet closure, if every guess is right, you win every bet in your system. In case you don’t guess all the results, you still have a chance to win since one or several guesses may be right.

Exact Result Bets

This kind of bet is about guessing the Exact Result of the game in the normal timing, because overtimes are not consider in this bet. Since the chances to win are below the chances of winning with the Simple Bets, the money you can gain in this Exact Result Bets is better.

Winner Bets

In the Winner Bets you bet for the winner of the event (Home or Visitor) or tie during the normal game time.

Handicap Bets

The Handicap Bet is a fictitious advantage or disadvantage applied to one of the teams or players of the game. If an opponent surpasses another by a clear difference, the Bet runners usually give the weaker one an advantage that sums up to the final real result.

Bets 1×2

This is the simple soccer Bet. There are three possible results, since you bet winner, loser or tie of a soccer game.

Advantage Bets

It’s a winner Bet during the normal time of the game, where you bet the actual number of goals. For example: if you think combining the two teams more than four goals are going to be scored, you should bet Over 4. In a basketball game you can bet Under 200 points if you think combining the two teams’ points they are not going to reach 200.

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